DF325A - THE ULTIMATE 4-STROKE OUTBOARD 激GEKI: PARTING SEAS A Force to Match the Power of Nature and the Sea Representing Suzuki’s Identity and Heritage A Symbol of Our Passion and Commitment to the Ultimate in Marine Innovation  THE NEW DF325A INTRODUCTION POWER WITH PASSION We are proud to introduce our NEW DF325A – an outboard that perfectly balances awesome power and thrust, with outstanding fuel-efficiency and trusted reliability all within a lightweight and stylish design.  Built with the every-day use of larger boats in mind, this market-leading new outboard has been engineered to run on 91 RON fuel and, as a world-first, is the first four stroke outboard over 300 horsepower to do so.  The high-tech and innovative DF325A has been designed to be robust, easy to use and versatile, making it the ideal outboard for large boats whatever the task.  Whether you are using your boat for work or play, wherever you are in the world, this new outboard is the ultimate choice.  MOVIE GALLERY ENGLISH | Long Movie  DF325A Promotional Video  ENGLISH | Short Movie  DF325A Promotional Video  PHOTO GALLERY PRODUCT FEATURE FEATURE.01 FEATURE.02 FEATURE.03 FEATURE.04 FEATURE.05 FEATURE.06 FEATURE.07 FEATURE.08 FEATURE.09 FEATURE.09 BETTER STEERING IN ALL DIRECTIONS Normally, when using multiple outboards a combination of standard and counter-rotating engines is mounted. The Suzuki Selective Rotation, available on our AP series outboards, eliminates the need for different models, as any model can be easily programmed to run in either direction. The DF325A’s contra-rotating propeller technology takes this process one step further by eliminating steering torque and maximizing true and straight propulsion forces.   VOICE OF DEVELOPER Katsuhiro FUKUDA Katsuhiro FUKUDA Chief Engineer The latest high-spec, high-output outboards all require high-octane fuel. As far as we know, there is no outboard over 300 horsepower that runs on RON 91, which is regular fuel in some markets.  The reality is, not everyone in the world can easily obtain high-octane fuel. Despite this, we wanted all of our Suzuki fans to be able to experience and enjoy our newest technology, no matter where they are in the world. We wanted them to be able to try the engine with the same fuel as the DF2.5. That is how the DF325A came to be.  The DF325A is packed with the very latest outboard technologies. Among them, we are confident that the Dual Propeller System will provide the ultimate boating experience.  Slick acceleration delivers a straight and true response. The DF325A has the ability to trace the exact line that the driver imagined - as if it were running on a rail. It’s also got brilliant deceleration with a total of 6 blades moving at the same time – yet another Suzuki innovation.  Suzuki’s outboards are continually developed and evolved with our customer’s needs in mind and they are still evolving as we speak.  Experience Suzuki’s newest high-end model, the one worthy of being named the ULTIMATE outboard motor.  TECHNOLOGIES  SUZUKI DUAL PROP SYSTEMSUZUKI DUAL PROP SYSTEM SUZUKI DUAL LOUVER SYSTEMSUZUKI DUAL LOUVER SYSTEM DUAL INJECTORDUAL INJECTOR OFFSET DRIVESHAFTOFFSET DRIVESHAFT 2-STAGE GEAR REDUCTION2-STAGE GEAR REDUCTION DIRECT AIR INTAKEDIRECT AIR INTAKE LEAN BURNLEAN BURN SUZUKI PRECISION CONTROLSUZUKI PRECISION CONTROL VARIABLE VALVE TIMING SYSTEMVARIABLE VALVE TIMING SYSTEM SELF-ADJUSTING TIMING CHAINSELF-ADJUSTING TIMING CHAIN DUAL WATER INLET OIL FILTER SPECIFICATIONS MODEL	DF325A RECOMMENDED TRANSOM HEIGHT mm (in.)	 X : 635 (25)XX : 762 (30) STARTING SYSTEM	Electric WEIGHT kg (Ibs.) *1	 X : 330XX : 339 ENGINE TYPE	V6 - 55° DOHC 24-Valve Valve Train Drive	Chain with Variable Valve Timing FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM	Electronic Fuel Injection NO. OF CYLINDERS	6 PISTON DISPLACEMENT ㎤ (cu.in.)	4,390 (267.9) BORE × STROKE mm (in.)	98 (3.74) x 97 (3.82) MAXIMUM OUTPUT kW (PS)	239.0 (325) STEERING	Remote FULL THROTTLE OPERATING RANGE rpm	5,300 - 6,300 OIL PAN CAPACITY l (U.S./Imp. qt.)	8.0 IGNITION SYSTEM	Fully-transistorised ALTERNATOR	12V 54A ENGINE MOUNTING	Shear Mount TRIM METHOD	Power Trim and Tilt GEAR RATIO	2.29:1 GEAR SHIFT	F-N-R (Drive-by-Wire) EXHAUST	Through Prop Hub Exhaust PROPELLER SELECTION (Pitch) *2 All propellers are the 3-blade type FRONT: 3×15 1/2×15.0-31.5 REAR: 3×15 1/2×15.0-31.5 *1: Dry Weight: Including battery cable, not including propeller and engine oil. *2: Please enquire at your local dealer for details of the propeller.